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  • Honeywell 51198685-100 Power Supply brand new  in stock
    Honeywell 51198685-100 Power Supply brand new in stock Mar 19, 2024
    Honeywell 51198685-100 Power Supply brand new  in stock  Power Systems for PM/APM/HPM, Remote I/O, and PMIO CMOS Memory Battery Backup The xPM power systems are designed to provide battery backup to all the CMOS memory. The CMOS battery backup prevents the loss of the data base during a power outage after the battery backup has been depleted or if no battery backup module is present.  Orderable Power System Components : • CMOS Batteries • 48V Battery Backup • Power Supply • Power System Chassis Assembly Benefits of New Power Supply • Improved airflow handling • Conformal coating of all metallic components • Enhanced mechanical design • Extended temperature range • Added thermal shutdown capability • More reliable power switch design • More consistent alarm handling Additional Power System Information Recommended Products P/N C7012A1145 C7012E1104 C7012A1152 C7012E1112 C7012A1160 C7012E1120 C7012A1186 C7012E1146 C7012A1194 C7012E1153 C7012C1142 C7012E1161 C7012F1052 C7012E1278 51108306-200               Trackball - desktop 51191573-100       Touchscreen IR 21" for Z        51195156-100              20Meg Bernoulli  51195156-300               20ZA Meg Bernoulli Drive 51196483-100            150 MB Bernoulli Drive   51196485-400              150MB Bernoulli Cartridge 51196694-150             IKB   IKB Keyboard no trackball 51196694-250             IKB   Integrated KB w/trackball 51196714-100               Micro Trackball 51196929-135      Zip Drive   3.5 Internal Zip Drive        51197005-200            Touchscreen Controller Bd    51197006-100               21" CRT Touchscreen 51197018-100        Intecolor E21FFB-HW1 21"        51197020-100               Aydin 8951L for US in Z 51303642-300               US Annuciator - Z Style 51304270-100      EPDG I/O   EPDG I/O        51304584-200      EPDGP   EPDGP I/...
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  • Siemens products ship to customers
    Siemens products ship to customers Mar 18, 2024
    Siemens products ship to customers,6ES5431-8FA11,6ES5948-3UR23,6ES5375-1LA21,6ES5095-8FB01,6DD1660-0BA0,6DD1660-0BD0,6ES5942-7UB11,6DL3100-8AC,6DL3100-8AA..............
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  • The ABB goods will be shipped to the customer today!
    The ABB goods will be shipped to the customer today! Mar 15, 2024
    The ABB goods will be shipped to the customer today! ABB product physical image:
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  • Happy New Year
    Happy New Year Feb 05, 2024
    Snowflakes swirling, heralding a bountiful year. Spring returns, warming the Earth. As Spring Festival arrives, good fortune follows, with lucky stars shining upon every household.   Our company will be on holiday from February 7th to February 17th,thank you to new and old customers for their support and cooperation! Swan wishes you success and prosperity in the new year, soaring like a dragon, with a flourishing career, good health, and joyful family gatherings. During the holiday, i can only have limited access to emails,if there is any urgent matter, I will reply to you at first time as the vacation ends.
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  • On the first day of work in 2024 !
    On the first day of work in 2024 ! Jan 02, 2024
    Today is the first working day of 2024, a brand new beginning. Let's continue to move forward    with full enthusiasm. Embarking towards a better self in 2024! Swan advantage supply : Distributed Control System (DCS), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Vibration Monitoring System Card (TSI/SIS), (ESD) System Card, Turbine Control System Module, Gas Generator Spare Parts.
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